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Light Green Bamboo Print Window Curtains Bedroom/Living Room Drapes

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Product Features

      • Include: 1 set of 2 curtain panelsHooks ( if the curtain header is Plain Top / Pinch Pleat )
      • Header: Grommet Top ( Eyelet ) / Rod Pocket / Plain Top / Pinch Pleat...
      • Grommet: The default option is silver steel grommet. If need bronze grommet, enter it in【special instructions for seller】on cart page.
      • Rod Pocket: The default size of rod pocket is about 3 inches (8 cm) without ruffle above. If need other size rod pocket opening or top ruffle, enter it in【special instructions for seller】on cart page.
      • Hook: This is a new generation of adjustable plastic hook, good quality, heavy-duty & can adjust your hanging position of curtains.
      • Color Theme: Light Green ( / Light Grey ), Blue
      • Pattern: Green Bamboo
      • Material: Polyester
      • Craft: Printing
      • Shading Rate: 75% or 99+% ( with brown liner ) or 85% ( with white liner )
      • Lining: Brown lining and white lining are the same price. The default lining is brown liner with shiny side. One side is shiny while the other is not. If white lining or not shiny striping needed, enter them in【special instructions for seller】on cart page
      • Fabric Weight (gsm): 220 / 450, medium weight / heavy weight
      • Brand: Anady Top

Product Detail

  • CURTAIN FABRIC: Polyester Blend, smooth and soft handy feeling, Eco-friendly, the pattern is green bamboo, these bamboo patterned curtains are quality made & light in color.
  • OCCASION: These bamboo leaf curtains and drapes for windows are good for your family room - bedroom, living room, learning room, dining room, lounge, kitchen, infant room, sunroom, basement, nursery, office, hotel, club, gym, kids, girls and more.
  • LIGHT BLOCKING: Block 75% or 85% or 99+% sunlight, UV Ray & Thermal insulated. These bamboo leaf drapes help in regulating the amount of natural light that comes into the room, reducing glare and unnecessary heat.
  • PERFORMANCE: Noise reduction & Energy efficient; Keep the window drafts at Bay, lend privacy and warmth, and add texture and color to your windows(bay window, small windows, large windows, kitchen window, cornice window, door window) or doors(outdoor, patio doors, sliding doors/sliding glass doors), bring a crisp, neat feel, help you enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Dry clean / Machine Washable, Mild liquid laundry detergent, Avoid hot water and bleach, Warm iron as desired. The curtains may come with some wrinkles due to packaged & transported. Applying water or through laundering or steaming is the fastest way to remove wrinkles.
  • FAST ARRIVAL: Arrived 5-10 days at off-peak period.
  • DOUBLE CHECK HEADER & SIZE TO FIT YOUR WINDOW OR DOOR before placing an order and AVOID ERRORS & waste of resources.

Decor Ideas

  • These bamboo patterned curtains are a great fashion accessory for the windows in your house. They not only prevent unnecessary light and offer you privacy but also work as ideal décor pieces for the room that they are put in.
  • The bamboo leaves drapes are modern fashion style, giving you a fresh and quietly elegant feel.
  • If your sofas or other furniture are dark colors, buy these bamboo leaf curtains that are light in color & complement them.

    Kind reminder

    • Curtain Header
        • If using a curtain rod ( pole ), your curtain header should be chosen to Grommet Top ( Eyelet ) / Rod Pocket / Back Tab / Tab Top.
        • If using a curtain track ( rail ) or curtain rod with rings, your curtain header ought to be chosen to Plain / Flat Top or Pinch Pleat.
    • Curtain Size
    • Color Difference
        • Please use different monitors ( mobile, pad, laptop, pc ) to view and check the photos online carefully.
        • There might be slight color difference, which results from different monitors, lights when taking pictures, lights when hanging in different places, different batches, etc., and even different buyers have different color senses.
    • Pattern Gap
        • If you have "same" existing curtains, please let us know the specific pattern gap data of your current drapes ahead.
        • Different suppliers in different time may have different ways of design products
        • All patterns are fixed and cannot be zoomed out in our curtain store.
        • Most of our products have been taken photos by 96"L.
        • There may be pattern difference from online photos and some part has to be cut off if your curtain length is less than 96"L.
        • Please enter the retention detais in 【special instructions for seller】 on cart page to let us know you'd like how to keep the pattern.
    • Size Deviation
        • Please allow slight deviation 【0.5 ~ 1 inch (1 ~ 3 cm)】 due to manual measurement, hemming, seam.
        • We always try our best to provide you the accurate size, but please tolerate size within +/- 1%  ( which is treated as industry acceptable ).
        • For 108 inch curtains with obvious vertical patterns, 108" long is not sure able to be made due to the limit of fabric length and hemming, seam. But we'll try our best to make them 106"-108"(the maximum length that the fabric can be made).
    • Match Difference
        • It is strongly recommended that the curtains of the same window or the same room be ordered and made together.
        • Because of the continuous improvement of the craft, the quality of the products will be kept to be improved, and the fabric will be upgraded indefinitely.
        • If multiple orders were placed separately, fabric differences may occur due to different batches, and the EXACT match CANNOT be guaranteed and promised.

    How to choose the right size of your drapes or sheer curtains?

    1. curtain width

    Normally, it is suggested that the width of your each curtain panel is the same width of your window or door.
    Because different widths of your curtain panels have different fullness and different people have different fullness preferences.
    Curtain widths should typically be about 1 1/2 to 3 times the final width measurement of your window. However, the fullness you choose will ultimately define the style you want to achieve. Fuller curtains lend a richer feel to your windows.

    2. curtain lengths

    There are three common ways to hang your curtains, depending on the condition in your room and what look you prefer.

     1) Sill Length - End half inch (1 - 1.25cm) above the windowsill

    Sill curtain length

    2) Below sill - 6 inches (15 cm) below the windowsill 【or half inch (1.25 - 2cm) above the radiator】.

    Below sill curtain length

    3)  Floor Length - half inch (1 - 1.25cm ) above the floor

     Floor curtain length

    Below there is also an unusual type of extra-long hanging method, which suits for people who have no pets or kids in the home or do not worry about cleaning and would like to create a romantic environment - "Puddle":

    1) Break Puddle ( ½ - 1 inch > your floor length )

    2) Medium Puddle ( 2-4 inch > your floor length )

    3) True Puddle ( 6-16 inch > your floor length )

    4) Fold-under puddle ( 16+ inches > your floor length )

    This style has a romantic, feminine, old world feel ( think about gone with the wind and medieval castles ). It’s a great option for drapery in more traditional and formal rooms. The puddle style works best with high-quality, thick fabric like lined drapery, velvet or linen.

    Puddled drapes can add just as much grandeur and drama to your home today. Depending on what fabric and style you choose, puddled drapes can make a space feel more formal or casual. Go with linen or other gauzy fabrics if you want a relaxed vibe ( think French country style / space - pursues free, laid-back and comfortable time alone, time in contact with nature, and enjoying life in an elegant, warm and cozy environment...).

    How to choose the correct size of your valance?

    Usual shipping time: 5-12 business days 【Except during holiday rush (Christmas, New Year, etc.) or remote areas】.

    The shipping times in different countries may vary.

    Once your order is shipped an email will be sent to you, where there are the shipping carrier's name, tracking number with a link and .

    Click the number or the button, the tracking info in the carrier's system will be opened, and you'll see exactly where your parcel is.

    Learn more about  Shipping Info.

    Don't worried if you'd like to return, here are some tips for Return & Exchange:

    1) Items can be returned in 30 days after delivery. 

    2) Please contact our customer service team if you need to process a return,

    Note: The return shipping address will be sent to you in an email and we will take care of it right away.

    Please ship the items back to the address we send to you, Thank you!

    Learn more about   Return Policy.

    To ensure that each product is virus-free, the following measures have been taken by us to avoid covid-19 infection from the source:

    1. All people have to be checked for body temperature when entering our factory, all employees of our factory must wear masks, gloves, and work uniforms (similar to protective clothing) to work.
    2. All our fabrics and raw materials are unpacked outside the factory door, and the inner packing is disassembled in a specific area. They are sterilized and laid for 24 hours before stored into the warehouse.
    3. Our work areas including sewing machine, tools like scissors etc. and warehouse are cleaned daily and regularly disinfected.
    4. All products are sterilized before packaging and shipping out.

    24 hours is how long the coronavirus can live on the surface of package if the parcel is infected with covid-19 during transport.

    Here are the tips for you to open your parcel:

    1. Wear gloves to unpack outdoors
    2. Throw the outer package into a trash can
    3. Take the inner package into the house

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