Do you know the daily maintenance and maintenance methods of curtains?

Curtains are a necessity in our home. In addition to their powerful functions, they are also important decorations in your home. Therefore, when shopping, they will choose some exquisite and beautiful styles to put in the room as a beautiful scenery.

However, even the beautiful and stain-resistant curtains will inevitably be old and dusty after hanging for a long time.

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According to statistics, people who love to be particularly clean wash the curtains twice a year during the change of seasons; most people will wash the curtains once for general cleaning during the holidays. Of course, some wash them only once in a year or two, and some even the curtains at home may be moved to a new house. I haven't washed it since...

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Curtain Maintenance

Basic curtain care in daily life: Use a feather duster to gently wipe the floating dust on the curtain every week, and use a vacuum cleaner to gently absorb the dust on the curtain every month.

Do not dry the curtains directly in the washing machine after cleaning. Please dehydrate them. When the curtains do not drip, take them out and hang them directly and let them air dry. The purpose of this is to keep the original texture, color and size of the curtains.

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Directly dried curtains, the texture of the curtain fabric is easily damaged, and the beauty and feel of the curtain will be affected. When cleaning, put a little salt in the water, soak for 30 minutes, and then add laundry detergent for cleaning.

Do not use washing powder to wash directly. Nowadays, many washing powders contain a little bleach. Washing curtains directly with washing powder may cause the curtains to fade.

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Curtain Cleaning

Curtains should not be cleaned frequently, because this will affect their original beauty, feel, texture, drape, warmth, shading and service life.

If the curtains have long fluff, it is recommended to wash them once a year, and for ordinary cotton curtains, it is recommended to wash them once in 2-3 years.

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Ordinary Fabric Material

Curtains made of ordinary fabrics are easier to handle. They can be scrubbed with a damp cloth, or they can be cleaned in clean water or in a washing machine with a neutral detergent in the usual way.


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Electrostatic Flocking / Flannel Fabric

This kind of curtain is not easy to get dirty and does not need to be cleaned frequently. But if you need to pay attention to cleaning, just use cotton gauze dipped in alcohol or gasoline and gently wipe it.

If the flannel is too wet, don't twist it too hard to prevent the fluff from falling off. The correct cleaning method should be: use your hands to press to remove the moisture or let it dry naturally, so that you can maintain the original appearance of the flocking fabric.

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Velvet Curtains

To clean this kind of curtains, you should first soak the curtains in a neutral cleaning liquid, press lightly with your hands, wash them, and place them on the inclined shelf to allow the water to drip dry naturally, which will make the curtains as clean as new.

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Canvas or Hemp Curtains

This kind of curtain is more difficult to dry after washing, so it is not suitable to be directly washed in water. You should use a sponge dipped in warm water, soapy water or ammonia solution to wipe, and roll it up after drying.

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Roller Curtain

First pull down the dirty roller curtain, flatten it, and wipe it with a cloth. The center of the roller is usually empty. You can use a long stick with fluff at one end to stick in and rotate continuously to remove the dust.

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Curtain Maintenance Method


We need to vacuum the curtains once a week, especially the hidden dust in the corners. Curtains need to be cleaned every six months. Bleaching is forbidden. Do not dehydrate and dry. The curtains should be dried under natural wind. If necessary, you can send it to a dry cleaner to prevent the curtains from deforming.

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Curtains, such as cushions, can be turned and used, and the same is true for curtains. It should be turned over every week to distribute the wear evenly.


If the curtains are dirty, they can be cleaned with a clean cloth dipped in water. In order not to leave dirt marks, they should be wiped clean from the outside. Velvet curtains should not be wetted and should be cleaned with dry cleaning agents.

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All curtain lining curtains should be cleaned by dry cleaning, not in water or bleach.


If you find that the pattern of the curtain is loose, do not pull it, but cut the thread with scissors.

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There are many decorations on curtains, such as crystal buttons, silk edges, lace, embroidery, hollows, ties, etc. It is wrong to wash or dry-clean in a washing machine. The curtains may break and lose their luster. The correct way is to distinguish the fabric of the curtain. If it is a velvet curtain, it is best not to wash it in water. Otherwise, the velvet in the water will make the two sides of the curtain different. Once it is dirty, you can only wash it on a part of the curtain and rub it with your hands. Dirty veil, then brush to one side with a railing brush.

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There are many types of curtains on the market, and curtains of different fabrics need to be maintained in different ways. Use the correct cleaning method to keep the curtains with a new luster.

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