2021 fashion color:extreme grey+bright yellow!

Pantone ,an International color authority, released the fashion colors of 2021

They are “ultimate gray” and “uniting yellow”

color of the year 2021

Five years later

Pantone reappears popular double yolk egg

Last time there was a double pop

Or 2016

This year,patone reappeared the double yellow egg fashion color

This only means that

the two colors are either equal

Or they can’t be divided

grey yellow of pantone


The more important premise of selecting popular colors is that

the color must represent the extreme of an ear.

Gray gives people a feeling of darkness, but this color is between black and white.

However, it doesn’t bring a sense of suffocation.

On the contrary, people will learn from it

Looking for the hidden hope, so the ultimate gray represents the calm, calm and calm in the face of danger.

grey cotton of pantone


The personality of bright yellow is more obvious. The beauty of bright yellow is gradual, neither abrupt as traditional bright color nor Morandi color

That’s slow

Such diversified colors coincide with the gradually accumulated hope

yellow cotton of pantone

Looking back at 2020, we have experienced

too many difficulties and tribulations, but finally ushered in the victory and light

From this point of view, I really can’t think of it

Which other color can compare

extreme grey and bright yellow

To sum up 2020, these two colors are simply seamless connection between haze and sunshine

yellow and grey fashion


Feel the ultimate gray and bright yellow

The unique color atmosphere is finally in constant discussion and research

Combine bright yellow with extreme grey

Set as the fashion color of 2021

yellow and grey occasions

Yellow is bright and dazzling with the light and temperature of the sun

Gray is calm and majestic,like the color left to the world after the noise after 2020

We all need bright yellow and extreme gray cure too much!

illuminating yellow


How to make the ultimate gray and bright yellow come in your home?

Whether for fashion or home design, these two colors have a high rate of appearance.

At the same time, when they are combined together, they also want to be harmonious, gray versatile, yellow birght, low-key and full of sparkle, Just the right balance.

yellow flower white sheer curtains

 yellow window and grey wall

yellow leaf grey curtains

Extreme gray can make the space present

Quiet and neutral cool aesthetic feeling

And bright yellow is no doubt

The Vitalizer of the whole sapce

As for how to apply into home design

It depends on what you like

What kind of space atmosphere

yellow gray floral curtains

gray yellow stripe curtains

If you love the house of frigidity

You can use extreme gray as the main color

Embellish with bright yellow

Avoid space falling into convention

yellow gray striped curtains for living room

daisy gray curtains

In face,the extreme gray and bright yellow is not a fire out of thin air

They’ve won over the years

Many famous designers

In fact,ever if you dont know anything about color and design,it doesn’t matter,because Pantone has already prepared five groups of colors for people as the foil of popular colors.If you really don’t know how to decorate your mansion,you can refer to these colors!

yellow geometry curtains

yellow decorative curtains

yellow gray floral curtains


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