What Colors Go with Gold?

Choose analogous colors, complementary colors or neutral colors to match gold. Here are the classic or top ways that go with gold.
    1. Gold and Analogous Colors
    • Metallic gold makes a fantastic partner for all shades of reds, rusty oranges, and red-tone yellows since gold naturally casts a warm glow.
    • For example, red and gold have been paired since ancient Asia as a sign of wealth and power. Now they’re used together in interior design for warm, elegant rooms.
    • Gold paired with red looks great in living rooms, master bedrooms, and kitchens, but can be a little overwhelming in smaller spaces such as bathrooms, hallways.
      2. Gold and Complementary Colors
      • Deep navy’s are bold and beautiful, especially paired with lovely metallic golds. Cerulean to navy, gold looks great with blue hues.
      • Another majestic combination, purple and gold combine for a cooler version of majesty. The blue tones in purple cool down an otherwise warm room for an elegant, expensive look. This purple and gold color combination looks great in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and even smaller spaces like bathrooms. Try a richer purples, like violet or plum for a more sophisticated look.
      • A number of jewel tones, including turquoise, emerald green, cobalt, and sapphire blues, that make lush companions for metallic gold. While some color combinations (like turquoise and chocolate brown) can look a little too young and sassy, a sophisticated color like turquoise says, “trendy yet timeless,” in a way that only this color combination can pull off. Nearly any shade of turquoise pairs flawlessly with gold.
        3.Gold and Neutral Colors
            • Metallic gold is a good choice for brightening neutral, nature-inspired color schemes. The trick is to pair metallic gold with warm, deep-tone neutrals, such as charcoal or slate gray, chocolate and coffee browns, dark sage and olive greens, and deep tan and beige. White works, as well, but it may create a too-cool contrast when paired with metallic gold. A better choice is off-white warmed with red, brown, or gray undertones, such as chamois, ivory, or ash white.
            • Last but not least, sweet and chic color combination, gold and coral. Coral is a fun, earthy tone that is nowhere near neutral. In the right setting, it can bring the feelings of sophistication, flirtiness, or soothing.
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